02-12-2017 Rockabilly Cafe in Arendonk (info volgt)
05-09-2017 Rock 'n Roll Street op Terschellling (weekender: 01/03-09)(website)




26-11-2016 Garage party in Gendt (privat)
19-11-2016 St. Louis Blues Tavern in Hardenberg (info volgt)
06-11-2016 Tattoo Convention in Eindhoven (info volgt)
22-10-2016 Private party Cruise Inn Amsterdam
15-10-2016 Texelblues on the island Texel (website)(info volgt)
27-08-2016 Private party in Nijmegen (wedding)
26-08-2016 Big Texas BBQ Party in Den Haag (info volgt)
Rockabilly Swamp in De Mortel (weekender: 12/14-08)
with C.C.Jerome Jetsetters, Haystack Hi-tones, Rockin Raffi, Cat Lee King and his Cocks, Wild Deuces, Slapback Johnny en Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks
20-07-2016 Cafe Dollars in Nijmegen "Vierdaagse feesten" (21.00-23.00)
D-day Cruise Inn Amsterdam (v.a. 14.00-03.00)
with The Blue Cats, Mars Attacks, Lew Lewis & The Twilight Trio en Moonshine Reunion
04-06-2016   Lumberjacks Diner in Selm (info volgt)
Ship of the Lost Souls (Teddyboys 1983)
with Back Draft
Rumbling In The Peateries A Rockabilly Night in Nieuw-Amsterdam (v.a. 19.00)
with May West, Betty's Doghouse en The Sensational Second Cousins
Rockabilly Blitz XXL in Leeuwarden
with Bigelow, Tess & her High Patrol, Green Dogs, Lil' Sal & the Wild Tones and Bigsby's Rocketeers
American Tournai Club (ATC)(Custom Meeting) in Bethune
06-03-2016 Café Dollars in Nijmegen "Big Street Alive" (info volgt)
05-03-2016 Private party in Delft





21-11-2015 OJC Maddogs in Groesbeek (info volgt)
with The Eastway and The Solo Drifters.
11-10-2015 Café Dax in Turnhout (vanaf 17:00)
10-10-2015 Hotroddedbullfrog in Hilvarenbeek (vanaf 21:00)
with The Three Farmer Boys, Aloha Sluts, The Lost Boys, Lil' Esther, The Wild Bombers en Wild May West.
09-10-2015 Café Dollars in Nijmegen (info volgt)
Rockabilly Shake Around in Middelburg (website)
with Bugooboo Tang, Lucky & The Flaming Stars, Miss Ella & The T-men, Tumblin' Gogo's, 44 Shakedown, Smooth and the bully boys, Lil' Sal & the Wildtones, Aloha Sluts, Baldrick Brothers, The Tinstars ft. Ruby Pearl,...
05-09-2015 Rock 'n Roll Street op Terschellling (weekender: 04/06-09)(website)
with The Three Farmer Boys, CC Jerome, Lucky Daltons, Mainline 55, Tin Stars, Junior Marvel, Maryann and the Tritones, Pete Anderson, Million Dollars Tones......

     Where to find Talisker Four:

     22.00: Het Spyntje 04-09-2015

     16.16: Kerk podium (outside stage) 05-09-2015

     22.00: Hollands Restaurant 05-09-2015

Rockabilly Day Doornzeledries in Doornzele - Evergem (weekender: 29/30-08)
with Slapback Johnny, The Jivecats, The Meekats, Lawen Stark & The Slide Boppers and many other bands..

     Talisker Four will be playing at 14:00

Rock 'n Roll Street in Akersloot (info volgt)
with Eightball Boppers, Hi 5, The Barnbees, The Spuny Boys, ......
28-08-2015 Bethune Retro in Bethune (weekender: 28/30-08)
with Crystal and Runnin' wild, Jake Allen & his band, Lil Mo & The Unholy 4! , Miss Lily Moe, Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers, Emmy Lou and the rhythm boys, Nikki Hill, The Downbeats, Pike Cavalero, Lil Mo and the Dynaflos and many more...
Drive in Barn in Schijndel (weekender: 21/23-08)
with Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes, The Wiseguyz, Lights Out, Sugaree, Chilli & the Baracudas, Dollar Bill, Bebo & The Goodtime Boys, Ray allen & Band, ......
17-07-2015 Cafe Dollars in Nijmegen "Vierdaagse feesten" (info volgt)
Rockabilly RoundUp in De Mortel (weekender: 03/06-07)
with The Wild Bombers, Smokey & The Bandits, Kingsize Trio, Talisker Two, Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks and Charlie Roy & The Black Mountain Boys......
Old Style Weekend in Foxwolde (weekender:27/29-06)
with The Rubber Chukks, The Taildraggers, The Barnstompers, The Tumblin' Gogo's, The Blizzards, The Watchgods and Three Farmer Boys
Rock 'n Roll Sunday in Hoorn (website)(14:00-21:00)
with Domestic Bumblebees (S), Miss Mary Ann & The Ragtime Wranglers(NL), John Lewis (GB), Dee Ann & The Nightcaptains (NL), Annita & The Starbombers (NL), ...........
16-05-2015 Rumbling In The Peateries A Rockabilly Night in Nieuw-Amsterdam (20.00-...)
with Sensational Second Cousins en Tumbling GoGo's
Rockabilly Blitz V in Leeuwarden (v.a. 20.00)
with Pinks Moon Babies en Lil' Sal & the Wildtones.
18-04-2015 Billy in Bottendaal in Nijmegen (start 21:00)
with The Vibro Kings, Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks, Tuxedo Buck, Electrophonics, Adios Pantalones, Jetblack 56 en The Duketown helldogs
27-03-2015 personeelsfeest ILS op de Zeester Nijmegen (privat)
Horeca Live Heiloo en Limmen in Heiloo (facebook)(15:30.....)
with Slap Back Johnny, Rude Ruby and the Gentle Giants , The Damned and the Dirty,.....
Route 024 festival Cafe Dollars in Nijmegen (20.00-22:00)
with Roadpizza (22.00-0:00)
Blue Collar Hotel Klokgebouw in Eindhoven (info volgt)
with Steve Hooker and The Outta Sites
24-01-2015 Cult Royale festival in Schipluiden (Delft) (LINK)
17-01-2015 Nieuwjaarsfeest Triumph club Paraplu-fabrieken Nijmegen (privat)




28-12-2014 Krazy Kangeroo in Eindhoven (aanvang 15:00)
22-11-2014Café Lambik in Tilburg (aanvang 21:00)
01-11-2014 Blue Collar Hotel Klokgebouw in Eindhoven (info volgt)
met CC Jerome's Jetsetters, Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes en Jai Malano (Royal Rhythmaires )
05-10-2014 Poppodium Doornroosje in Nijmegen met The Hackensaw Boys (LINK)
Animal Shelter Rumble no. 3, Louisiana Inn in Ratingen (aanvang 20.00)
met Gorilla Gunmen (D) en Black Raven (D).
28-09-2014 Wijkcentrum in Cuijk ('s middags)(info volgt)
20-09-2014 Cruise Inn in Amsterdam (info volgt)
met Boys Named Sue (Johnny Cash coverband)
30-08-2014 "Rockabilly Bar Crawl" te Assenede Rockabilly Day (info volgt)
Custom Car Meeting in Helmond (11:00-21:00)
met Junior Marvel & The HI Tombs en CC Jerome's Jetsetters
26-07-2014 Zwarte Cross in Lichtenvoorde (22:15-23;15) in café "Harder!"
Old Style Weekend in Foxwolde (vrijdag t/m zondag)
met Downbeat Meastro's , Misschief, The Tumblin'Gogo's, The Coast Guards (D), .....
26-06-2014 Officeconcerts in Nijmegen (16:00) (LINK)
22-06-2014 Café in den Sleutel in Deurne (kermis, aanvang: 20.00)
14-06-2014 Puch en Tomos Club Nederland 25 jaar bestaan in Delft (besloten feest)
Kids 'n Billies in Nijmegen (aanvang 12:30)
met Fifty Foot Combo, Birth of Joy, Maison du Malheur, Morgan O'Kane Music, ......
Rock 'n Roll Sunday in Hoorn (aanvang 16:00)(website)
met Pat Capocci (AUS), Laverne & the Rhythm Kings (NL), B and the Bops (CR), .....
Ship of the Lost Souls
met Foggy Mountain Rockers
23-05-2014 Nijmegen Rock City Bowling in Nijmegen (vanaf 20.00)
Billy in Bottendaal in Nijmegen (aanvang 21:00)
met Black Cat Bone Squad (B), Hello Tiki (B), Catrhythm (RO), The Very Very Nervous, Cactus Cowboys, Slapback Johnny, Custom Made Trio, Talisker Four en Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks
06-05-2014 Backstage Chevy Club in Helmond (17:00-??)
22-03-2014 cafe Dollars in Nijmegen...preparty albumrealease Villa Zeno (21:00-22:00)
25-01-2014 Voetbalfeest in Helmond (21:00)
11-01-2014 Paraplufabriek...benefiet voor Marcus in Nijmegen (aanvang 20:00)
met Brat Pack (punk) en The Bips (oldskool seventies punk)